José Silva

José Silva was born in Laredo, Texas, on August 11th, 1914.
He died in Laredo, on February 7th, 1999.

His childhood could have come from the pen of Charles Dickens.

When José is only 3 years old, his father dies as victim of a train accident.

Shortly after, his mother, who was married at 14 and at that time was just 20 years old, marries again and moves in another city, leaving José and his elder sister to her grandmother, who lives with an unmarried son.

They lived in extreme deprivation, and when José was just six his uncle gave him a shoe-shine box and sent him to work in the streets.

Despite such a difficult start, (a little Hispanic shoe-shiner boy among a merciless white community), José  ’s life turned out to be wonderful: he became rich and famous, gave birth to ten children, all healthy and robust. He said goodbye to the world at 85, to join his beloved wife Paula, who had passed away one year before.

You could ask
How is it possible that a single man, with his own financial resources, a lonely seeker who was not provided with laboratories, with no highly qualified technical staff and scientific personal, has succeeded in creating a so effective self-development method that has spread around the world, that has been taught to more than eight million people, imitated by hundreds of photocopy courses?

The answer is the intuition of José
While all the researches on the human mind were competence of neurologists and psychologists, Jos
  é, who had become an electro-technician specialist, devoted himself to investigate the correlations between the type of electrical activity produced by the brain and the corresponding state of consciousness. This way he succeeded in creating a very special learning path, easy to learn, and primarily aimed to give   very useful benefits to everyone, like:

• Memory improvement, essential for academic performance;
• How to make health stronger and resistant, useful for each of us;
• How to easily control addictions like smoking, alcohol, and others;
• How to easily control the body weight;
• How to improve sports performances;
• How to develop the noblest human qualities, such as art creativity, professional skills, and others more mysterious: business acumen, the so-called sixth sense, and other…